Triumph Bonneville Bobber: Thou is a Piece of Art

In school days, all of us had this one favorite chocolate which we never shared with anyone, we always knew it will give us cavities and it is not really healthy but still we never shared that chocolate with anyone, sometimes we even kept the wrapper of it because it was special, and when we say special Triumph has made sure that it makes one of those special motorcycles for all those old-school fanatics to bring that kid out of the man or woman. Now in back 1930, a typical construction of a bobber includes removing the front fender, shorten the rear fender, strip down the excess bodywork & everything else which is an extra weight in the motorcycle. Triumph took a stock motorcycle i.e. the Bonnie T120 & came out with this magnificent engineering from Triumph’s own factory transforming it into a “Bobber”.

There is no second thought about the engine, it is the same heart from the Bonneville T120 and it performs like a hot knife on a butter. Minor tweaks in the engine have resulted into little less power which is now 77hp as compared to the Bonnie T120’s 80hp but you won’t get disappointed since 106Nm of torque is altered to give that 10 percent more power at 4,500rpm. An old-school hot rod motorcycle is greeted with the perfect sound note to the ears through those twin exhausts and it outperforms everything with its mid-range or as soon as you touch that 3500 rpm.

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Ride Quality:
If you like Breakfast Rides: It’s a steal for INR ₹ 10,28,200.00 but if you are one those who push it little hard and still like classics then it is the Bonnie T120. Originally Bobber’s used to be hard tail motorcycles but here in spite of the monoshock suspension but with only 90mm of travel up front and 76.9mm at the rear, the KYB shocks are set up on the stiffer side & this won’t please your spine at all, potholes and bumps is not welcoming & not a great idea to ride on them.

I was not impressed with the braking either but the 19-inch front & 18 inch rear Avon Cobra tyres play a crucial role in the terrific levels of grip to this 228 kgs. bike and that give loads of confidence to the rider. The Rain & The Road mode works perfectly, especially in the monsoon, with the road conditions that we have. It helps to maintain that confidence in triple digits speed too. The paint job, the fit and finish is top notch and makes it worthy of the price tag it comes with.

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Now if you plan to own such a bike, then there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you handover that down payment cheque. It can’t be your everyday bike, you can’t go long distance touring with it but a couple of things it will ensure, one is definitely loads & loads of eyeballs, second when you buy it you are not buying a Motorcycle you are buying a piece of Art.

Like: Built Quality, Engine refinement, Handling and Attention to Details
Dislike: Suspension, Lacks a strong headlight.

Quick Spec Look:

Engine1200 cc
Horse Power77 ps
Torque106 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Front SuspensionShowa 47 mm forks with cartridge damping, 90 mm travel.
Rear SuspensionKYB monoshock with linkage, 77 mm travel
Dry Weight237.5kg
Top Speed180kph

The luxe factor is

9 Ride Quality
10 Handling
7 Comfort
9 Reliability
10 Built Quality
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