Valentine’s Day 2021 – Here are the best beauty gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t thought of the perfect gift we have a superb selection of amazing perfumes, skincare, candles, and more that would make for a delightful present to give and receive too. What makes a loved one smile is right here. Peruse through the list below to catch a glimpse of great gifting ideas that will save you time and the error of purchasing the wrong gift. For those struggling with gift ideas, these are the beautiful items we’d love to receive this year:

Guerlain Super Aqua emulsion – (Rs 9,500 for 50ml)
For women who believe all good things come at a price, the Guerlain Super Aqua emulsion is a skin enriching elixir that will transform your looks and push forward the natural aging process. The AquaBiotic system helps to visibly strengthen the skin by targeting its ecosystem and allow you to look like a PYT for as long as clinically possible. The Super Aqua emulsion is such an amazing product that smells divine with fresh dewy notes and aquatic flower, ylang-ylang, and jasmine facets.

Aman Spa Candles – (Rs 6,500)
This wonderful present makes for a lovely addition to the room and smells like romance itself. Nothing like ending a long day with some pampering at home that can only be achieved by lighting some candles inspired by Aman Spas across the globe. When the pandemic holds you from going to the spa, let the wondrous Aman Spa candles bring relaxation to you.

Immortelle Reset Serum – Limited Edition by L’Occitane – (Rs 6,600 for 50ml)
What woman won’t appreciate the gift of beauty? The L’Occitane Immortelle reset serum is a pot of beauty waiting to explode the gift of rejuvenation which is why it’s already such a rage with the ladies of the globe. This Valentine’s Day we imply you give your woman the chance to wake up each morning with fresh, rested, and healthy-looking skin thanks to L’Occitane Immortelle reset serum.

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Forest Essentials Nidra – (Rs 1,800)
Fairytales may be a myth but beauty sleep isnt. The Forest Essentials Nidra Tranquil Sleep Spray ensures your lady love enjoys her forty winks with calming and soothing notes. The Forest Essentials Nidra Tranquil Sleep Spray is made with pure essentials oils of Geranium, Lavender, Nutmeg, and Sandalwood to induce a restful night’s sleep and put you in good books forever.

ESPA Soothing Body Oil – (Rs 4,610 for 100 ml)
It’s the gift of super soft skin and a medium to relax a busy mind; add to this the elation on receiving a gift as thoughtful as the ESPA Soothing Body Oil. Ingredients like sandalwood rose geranium and frankincense are an indulgent treat for your skin. Myrrh helps ease the mind with its restful properties. A 100ml bottle of ESPA Soothing Body Oil can be purchased for Rs 4610

Happy Chopard Lemon Dulci Chopard – (Rs 5,500 for 40 ml)
Chopard’s Happy Chopard Lemon Dulci captures the smell of lemon and will serve as a sweet and fruity reminder of your loved ones’ affection every time you spritz on the scent. The perfume is known to have a positive impact on its wearer and would count as a stunning gift full of joie de vivre. Allow citrus oils also known as the antidepressants of nature put a smile on the face of your lovely lady on a daily basis.

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