Vincent van Gogh inspires Delhi’s first designer auto –rickshaw

Just as Mumbai is synonymous with its black and yellow taxis, so is Delhi known for its auto rickshaws. The taxi Fabric project which was started in Mumbai to give the city’s taxi seats a designer makeover as now travelled to Delhi to refurbish the Indian capital’s autos. The project has local designers coming up with ideas for designing the autos.

The first auto potrays the Humayun’s Tomb, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that is believed to be the precursor of the Taj Mahal. Its psychedelic style is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night . The auto is the brainchild of designer Nasheet Shadani, who chose the theme of tassavur which means imagination in Urdu. The idea behind this creation was to transport the people who sit in the auto to another world.
The idea behind this is also to celebrate Delhi’s rich heritage and make passengers to look at the humble auto differently. The first phase involves redesigning 10 autos in partnership with Manas foundation, an organization which has given gender sensitisation training to auto drivers in the capital. Five of the autos will showcase the monuments of Delhi while the other five will focus on gender. They hope with this projest they can add colour and design to the omnipresent three wheelers that are synonymous with Delhi roads.
While Delhi is ready to welcome this splash of colour on their streets, the Mumbaiites are desperately waiting for the autos in Mumbai to follow suit.

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