Who needs Starbucks when you have the Philips Saeco Intelia Espresso Machine

The break of dawn followed by your ample embrace of nothingness as you stretch your well-rested being begs for stimulation of your taste buds. Braving gravity as you gingerly rise up, slipping into your cosy flip flops and easing your way into the kitchen, you look forward to the first gift the bright new day has in store for you. A perfectly brewed cup of coffee. The Saeco Intelia Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is so designed to bring the magic of a perfect cup of coffee to you. This innovative machine by Philips is here to stay, up there, above all the vanilla offerings in the marketplace.

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Bid adieu to that burnt aftertaste with a 100 percent ceramic grinder

While there are a number of self-proclaimed coffee-making mechanical overlords around the World Wide Web not many flaunt the credentials of a ceramic grinder that doesn’t only grind the beans but also retains maximum flavor. The fine grind makes for a palatable flavor, one that stimulates your senses and delivers a consistent texture. With five adjustable settings to choose from you can ensure that your cup of coffee doesn’t leave you with that infamous burnt aftertaste that steel grinders somehow manage to conjure.
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Enjoy your style of coffee in a jiffy

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If you love your coffee mug to be a frothy affair then the integrated milk jug and frother. The patented milk carafe with dual chamber technology produces long-lasting milk froth that is delivered without a splash. All you need to do is pour the milk into the carafe and select the type of coffee your palate demands. It is also rather necessary to have coffee on-demand and while it’s no magic potion to conjure in seconds, the Saeco Intelia employs a quick heating boiler technology that ensures your machine is always ready to brew up a mugful of delight. Thanks to the adjustable grinders you can ensure that the granularity is completely in your control. Whether it is a fine grind that you need for an espresso shot or a coarse grind for a light coffee, you have the control right there under your fingertip.

Clean, maintain and brew again

The brewing group can be easily extracted for cleaning purposes. It is the heart of the machine and can be accesses rather easily from the front as well as the sides of the machine. You can take it out periodically for a simple maintenance routine and clean it with water, thus ensuring that your delicious coffee-drinking experience is also one that is hygienic. The automatic-cleaning coffee circuit cleans itself on start-up or shut down to further ensure that no residue is left behind. The regular descaling function extends the life of your espresso machine. Each time you need to carry out the descaling activity, a prompt will show up on the machine’s display. An automated descaling activity commences and a number of constant prompts guide you through the activity.

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As if that’s not all, this amazing machine goes on to remember your favorite coffee settings so that you do not need to repeatedly configure the process. An innovative memo function remembers all the settings you have stored including the length of the coffee, the strength and the temperature. All you need to do to conjure it again is press a button. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

The Philips Saeco Intelia Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is for those who have truly surrendered their beings to the goodness of the world’s most stylized morning beverage. Why would you need to step into a Starbucks if you have the experience a few steps away from your bed? You can make this one yours at just Rs. 74,990.

[ Available at: Philips ]

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