Why Lacoste’s Paris Polo is this summer’s must-have

Classic fashion enthusiasts would strongly concur that the iconic Polo shirt resonates oodles of signature style and panache. The latest showpiece is Lacoste’s Paris Polo. The shirt in question fuses traditional fit with high quality fabrics and recognisability; yet imbibing vibes of sporty and chic. Think short-sleeved, slim straight fit, reduced length at the hips and no comfort slits on the sides.

If you are drawing a comparison to the clothing house’s previous polo collections, here’s are the 2 main elements setting it apart. Well, to begin with the signature crocodile logo has stepped away from the conventional green palette and is now clad in the same colour as the remaining fabric. Secondly, the buttons are hidden under an edge of dust, giving an overall tougher personality to the shirt.

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Thankfully, the brand allows you to choose from an impressive 15 colour palette! Finally, a piece of clothing that works as a sporty look and the under-the-jacket look. Since February this year, the Paris Polo has been on shelves in all Lacoste stores and on www.lacoste.com.

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