The world’s most expensive headphone system for a whopping Rs. 86.71 lakhs

Ever heard of spending Rs. 86 lakhs on a headphone system? It is almost like buying a swanky car or maybe even a small one bedroom flat!

The MSB Select’s new DAC and headphone amplifier, comes with a $90,000 MSB Select DAC II and a pair of $37,950 Stax SR- 009 electrostatic headphone. It is wildly expensive but audiophiles swear by it and claim that the music produced by this is nothing short of magical. One is able to pinpoint the tiniest nuances and alterations in a note and the music experience is out of this world.

You need to start collecting money or consider robbing a bank to be able to pay for these headphones!

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[ Via : Gqindia ]

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