10 Most creative Kleenex cartons for home decor

A Kleenex is a woman’s best friend. From chopping onions, to wiping off misty eyes after a breakup to laughing out so hard that you cry, tissues have always been our 3 a.m. friend. And it’s not only for our eyes and nose. Remember growing up how your mother would one to wipe your messy hands with finger paint and dirt on it? Watching your dad wipe off the debris and fog from the car’s windshield, Kleenex has been an unsung hero of our forgotten childhood.

And don’t even get me started how it kisses the nasty smudges goodbye when applying makeup. Blotting lipstick, to tugging it between my toes while applying nail polish, wiping off excess mascara, tissue keeps the color in place especially on hot, humid days and in style.

From floral to marine designs, flurry puppies to kittens, Kleenex comes in a variety of pack designs to match your own personal style with the home decor. Combining utility with playful aesthetic functions, there is a pack to suit everyone in the family.

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Luxurylaunches picks our favorite 10 creative designs from The Kleenex style studio that let you express your style.

10. Typo Expressions
This Typo tissue box looks like it’s made from Teak wood with alphabets and numerical motifs dipped in exotic veneers. This antique looking carton is a must have for vintage home décor.

9. Bumper To Bumper
Bumper to Bumper
Having Kleenex in your car is always nice. From wiping off your finger after a doughnut on the wheels to removing stains after spilling a drink, it’s a life savior. And what would be more appropriate than the car wedge?

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8. Aurora
The Aurora looks like a symphony of colors. The totally space-age printed box can add personality to your space and bring in a dash of chrome.

7. Sakura Alabaster
Replace your old towels with hand towels to leave your hands feeling clean after every hand wash. Available in different gradients of beige and grey, pick the one that’s nearest to your tile color.

6. It’s A Knit
It's a knit
If you want something warm, fuzzy and cozy then this is your best bet. Resembling the hand knitted sweaters that your grandmother used to make, this carton will exude warmth to your home.

5. Tidal Pool
Tidal Pool
For delicate skin, the extra soothing tissues with lotion designs augment any room while offering any nose relief. Tidal Pool Dune, Tidal Pool Blush, Tidal Pool Frost, Tidal Pool Moss are some of the brand’s offerings.

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4. Lace
The Blue-Green tissue carton is very chic and feminine. The nature-inspired leaf pattern will go well with your home linen.

3. It’s A Hoot
It’s A Hoot
Children are not always easy to please but this adorable tissue box looks like straight out of crayons and craft. Who doesn’t love an owl?

2. Cityscape
Show off your street style with the Cityscape style box. Toss it around your handbag or briefcase while running errands around the city.

1. Barocco
Barocco appears like a fine masterpiece straight from a museum’s art gallery. The Victorian-style tissue carton is a must have for sophisticated and vintage home décor.

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