‘1010’ fountain pen valued at $174,000

Now this one is strictly for the ‘Most Richest…’ clan or for folks like me who get a thrill by just reading and writing about such EXPENSIVE stuff. The rest of you can jump to the next entry. A Fountain pen called ‘1010’ has been exclusively created by Swiss luxury stationery maker Caran d’Ache. Made with 18-carat gold and studded with a diamond and a ruby, it is valued at 20 million yen ($174,000). My fingers wouldn’t stop shivering if I had to hold this pen to write! Of course, the pen is laden with details that can be related to fine mechanical watches. For example, even the ink bottle has a cap that is made to look like a watch crown. On to the amazing skeleton barrel that is made transparent with the use of sapphire crystal. This is a limited edition pen where only 10 are produced and only one can be found in the Japanese market.

It took more than a year to develop the pen due to the difficulty in obtaining the parts. The skill required for such craftsmanship is also scarce due to competition for skilled human resource with the watch industry in Switzerland.