$17,500 Whiskey bottle for a Merry Christmas

If you are looking to make a very tasteful investment, perhaps you would like to consider doling out $17,500 for a bottle of Highland Park 50 Year Old whisky. The bottle also happens to be the most expensive one sold in B.C. So you might want to think about buying it even if you are a teetotaler. If that happens to be a bit much, as we know it might, a $3,500 worth bottle of wine would be more tempting. It is a bottle of Taylor Fladgate Scion, a “magical” port, also happens to be the most expensive wine in B.C. liquor stores. For lesser expensive options you could go through the other options B.C. has. Meanwhile, with the atmosphere of the current positive festive frenzy, we would like to clink some glasses and says ‘cheers’! And you can mull over how much you would like to shelve on a B.C. bottle this Christmas.

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