1800 Tequilas for me and you

The fever of tequilas is rising all around the country. Residents of Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and San Francisco will soon be overloaded with hoardings of the beautiful bottle decorations. The bottles have tequila on the inside and inspirational art on the outside. The limited-edition bottles are designed by artists including Jorge Alderete (Mexico City), Jeremy Bacharach (Chicago), Glenn Barr (Detroit), Will Chambers (Chicago), Chris Dean (Detroit), Kim Dosa (Atlanta), Josh Ellingson (Oakland), Hannah Stouffer (Oakland) and Urban Medium (Atlanta). These will be unveiled as part of an outdoor advertising drive with $8 million backing it up.

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Since there are only 1800 pieces of each design available, collectors need to dig into this as quickly as they can. They are available for a Pop Art price of $35.