1950’s Bally ABC Bowling Lanes Arcade Game rolls in some retro fun

Here is an antique piece that will appeal to all gamers, bowling lovers, to be precise. Off the Wall, Antiques is offering a 1950’s Bally ABC Bowling Lanes Arcade Game. The ABC Bowing game uses actual wooden bowling balls, unlike the typical metal pucks used on other games. The game also features a return mechanism that rolls the balls back up to the players through the side gutter. What is more, the antique game is a six-player machine letting you enjoy a game of bowling with your friends. All components, including the cabinet, the paint, are original, and the mechanical elements have been recently serviced, making sure this game is in great condition. Only one such game is available, so you had better hurry if you wish to make it yours.

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The game measures 5 ft. 10 in height, 30 in-depth, and 14 ft. in width. You can purchase this game for $4,800 at Off The Wall Antiques, Melrose Ave., Los Angeles.

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