2012 Johnnie Walker Blue Label Collection by Porsche Design Studio unveiled

For a second year running, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has collaborated with Porsche Design Studio, to come out with a special Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition Collection, which will be available from the 5th of November. The whiskies have been distilled in Scotland, and the pick of the lot is a new limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle, with a special label designed by Porsche Design Studio, that will be sold with a one-off piece set, which including the Carton, the Chiller, the Mini Cube and the Private Bar.

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JWBL PDS - Minicube - Open with bottle.jpg
The collection on the whole has been crafted using “hand-selected soft touch modern materials, brushed titanium and high-quality matte silver screen print” combined with “the distinctive blue and iconic square-shaped bottle of Johnnie Walker and signature slanted label”.
As for pricing, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Private Bar set is priced at £150,000 ($240,000) and is limited to just 50 units.
JWBL Porsche VIP - Bar Open.jpg
JWBL PDS - The Chiller - Open with bottle.jpg
JWBL PDS - The Carton - Bottle outside carton.jpg


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