The $246 toilet paper embossed with 24 Carat Gold could be mistaken for artwork

If you thought the disposable crepe toilet paper is for use and throw, well then not anymore. Unless you fancy throwing money straight down the flush, you wouldn’t want to wipe your nose or ass off with the $246 toilet paper. The ridiculously luxurious loo roll with 24 carat gold motifs, are produced at the Tissue Design workshop of Fritz Loibl in Grafenau, Germany.

Each gold-embossed toilet roll can be customized with unique designs and themes from initials, to wedding and birthday themes, or other unusual motifs. According to the designer majority of his customers are luxury hotels or businesses that sell luxury goods, and people who buy his products as “a gift” or “simply for decoration.”

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The luxury toilet paper has begun a new era for toilet paper users and has infinitely surpassed the royal tissue roll.

[Via – Metro]

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