24 karat Gold Champagne flavored lollipop is the ultimate self-indulgence

I was watching Paris Hilton’s show the other day that broadcasted her venture for finding her ‘BFF’ and I couldn’t help salivating over that thousand dollar edible 24-karat gold ice-cream garnished with caviar. Okay, we probably couldn’t even afford that in our wildest dreams. What we could, though, is this gorgeous, 24-karat gold lollipop. The Champagne flavored lollipop is made from genuine 24-karat Californian gold flakes and retails for $6. If you’re wondering what gold is doing in an edible form here, just for your information, it is consumed to avail of the anti-bacterial properties that it endows the human body with. If I ever bought this ‘ultimate decadence,’ I’d rather keep it in my showcase than to eat it.

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