24-carat gold facelift gets you back your charm without a knife!

Botox is passe and getting under the knife is a strict no-no. So, what should the not-so-pretty-anymore ladies do? Where are they gonna waste all those thousands of odd dollars and they sure don’t like the way they look. There is a better way to not look your age, the gold way, meaning the gold thread facelift. Using just needle and thread, a finely woven 24-carat mesh framework is sewn under the surface of the skin where it remains. Sounds very excruciating and scary to me and probably is too as the patient remains awake as four yards of gold thread are inserted, the only painkiller being dozens of local anesthetic injections applied to the face.

Be prepared to be less richer by $3000 to $15000 and the results are not gonna be immediate either. You gotta wait for at least three months to show the results, as the gold mesh stimulates the body’s own production of collagen, which in turn plumps up the skin naturally. So the next time you look ravishing at 50 remember the 24 carat, 0.1mm diameter, 99 per cent pure gold thread that is implanted into you…you golden girl!