Is this the Rolex of toothbrushes? Each brush is painstakingly handcrafted in Italy, coated in 24K Gold and is so well built it can last a lifetime.

What’s the maximum length you’d go to ensure great dental hygiene? Maybe buy an expensive electric toothbrush? However, taking it one notch up is ‘The Eternal 925 Toothbrush’ that is handmade in Florence with naturally antibacterial Sterling Silver, Pure Copper, and even plated with an extra thick layer of 24K Gold. Yes, that’s right!

All images by Massimiliano Benvenuti.

Made to last forever, the luxe toothbrush is a thoughtful combination of noble metals with natural oligodynamic qualities. Each Guard Cap and brush is completed by Alessandro Tinacci with the help of Massimiliano Benvenuti and represents quality like never seen before.

The product further comes with a marble base allowing for the stylish display and a box handmade by Mimmo, the owner of Scatolarte in Florence. Only 30 numbered toothbrushes of each material (Pure Copper, Sterling Silver, and 24K Gold plated Sterling Silver), divided between single toothbrushes and complete sets, will be made available in the first round. They are priced at $1,150 each and will be delivered by the end of July.

Touted as ‘one of the most sustainable projects you may have ever funded,’ The Eternal Toothbrush campaign is currently live on Kickstarter. Its prototypes are ready and tested and tested again by Italian and international dentists, with the makers promising to deliver exactly what you order and within the set timeframe.

Sounds like a deal?

[Available at: Kickstarter]

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