24K Gold $300 Facial to pamper your soul and beauty

It’s not that we are unknown to the fad that Divas go to great lengths to look beautiful, even if it would cost a fortune. Probably, they firmly believe, “beauty is priceless.” To an untrained eye, this would seem as a mummy right from the Egyptian souvenir-preserving museums, but things are not what they appear to be. The image here is of a Japanese diva, who is being royally treated with a 24 karat gold facial which costs 30,000 yen i.e. approx $300. when a normal facial goes for around $100, if paying $200 fetches me the jubilance and bling of gold facial, you think I am going to turn my back?! NOWAYS!!!! The beauty treatment company Umo Inc. will be rendering this service soon to our beautiful ladies.

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So we’ve got the perfect way to feast on gold and it’s completely worthwhile (Surely Men wouldn’t agree on this, but who cares!)