$2, 500 genetic testing meds

So what does a medicine company with a new expensive product that is to be launched in the market do. Look and learn from Navigencies. For 10 days the company will pop open some temporary stalls on well-known blocks in SoHo and market their genetic testing kits as well as hosting panel discussions on genetics and other health related programmes. As for more on the product, these genetic testing kits are designed to screen your DNA for seventeen diseases and conditions including Alzheimer’s, breast cancert and type II diabetes. This helps the customers realise the likelihood of them developing these diseases in a later stage of their life.

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And here’s the best part, especially for people who are scared of needles. None of these tests need pin-pricks! Just a swab of your saliva will do the trick. Sent off to a laboratory your risk assessment results are returned to you via email, with password protection for privacy, within weeks. It certainly is pricey but for some individuals, their health and knowing the possibilities is worth the $2,500.

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