3-D face replicas add the right spook to your Halloween costumes

If you are bored of those same old boring Halloween costumes, or need something a bit more cleaner than meat and chocolates to wear to the Halloween masquerade party, why not add a bit of yourself to your do? Japan-based REAL-f is out with a machine that makes real life replicas of your face! Called as “3D photo forms” you can opt for the mask maker for $3,920 or a mannequin style full-head model for $5,875. However, copies are cheaper (check out the rates here).

The company says that the pictures it clicks (ideally from every angle) are “a true likeness down to the level of iris pigmentation and the position of tiny skin flaws and blood vessels in the face.” The company also lets you add wigs or clothes to your replica. The only catch is that the machine can’t be yours; only the final product can. Spooky, don’t you think?

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