Pininfarina’s new inkless pen is sleek and can write endlessly

Pininfarina is best known for designing some the best looking cars in the world and the design firm’s iconic insignia has its special place in the history of Ferrari automobiles, but the Italian firm has introduced a pen named the ‘4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano’ which is not only designed to perfection but is rich in innovation. Presented at Paperworld in Frankfurt, a trade fair for stationery and writing instruments, The Pininfarina pen has a distinct touch of Italian design and craftsmanship but the most remarkable feature of it is the Ethergraph tip, which makes it possible to write indefinitely with any ink or the need to refill.

Pininfarina collaborated with Napkin to come up with this revolutionary writing instrument which are all hand made in Italy. The Ethergraph tip is made of special alloy which gives the pen a precise stroke of a pencil which are permanent like the ones traced by a pen. The 4.Ever Pininfarina Cambiano has been inspired by the Cambiano concept car and mimics its classic design. It’s crafted with the combination of classic and innovative materials such as aluminum and wood which gives it a unique personality.

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