40 and fantastic are the career women of the world!

Being forty was never so much fun, what with having a TV show especially dedicated to the forty-somethings and also their segregations in two esteemed classes. Marketing forces have named two new female groups of “new rich” to be targeted for their impressive buying power: the “career rich class,” women now in the their 30s and 40s who are making over $92,000 in annual income and the “highly sensitive senior rich class,” housewives in their 40s and up with an annual household income of over $186,000. The very loved brand Shiseido is clearly targeting these new rich with the latest products to be added to their premium Synergique line on the Clé de Peau Beauté brand, with 40g of cream priced upwards of $1200.

That much money blown over creams, its a good thing they clearly mentioned the classes they are targeting, so the ones who obviously don’t fit in these, like me, can heave a sigh of relief and wait for cheaper things to come their way. Creams apart, Pola’s Linea-Es undergarment brand has also debuted a line of lingerie aimed at the disposable incomes of career women aged 30-40.
This is not where it ends for the fantastic forties, These 40-something new rich even have their own TV show, Around 40, which detailed the life of a 39-year-old single and successful psychiatrist. So if you are Forty and rich, life was clearly never more happening for you.