5 Examples of Luxury Web Design by Splendor Design Group

Defining luxury is certainly tenuous, but not exclusive in the realm of “subjectivity”. When the majority agrees, it transmutes into reality, an objective standard. Whether prized real estate or a $100,000 Patek Philippe Watch, luxury is not only meeting standards, but exceeding the land of uninspiring, the “norm”. How does a website, completely virtual in essence, obtain irrefutable value? Simple a website must serve a purpose, facilitating communication or commerce between business owner (webmaster) and end user alike. Industry strategies can be varied and broad: Walmart’s of the world, juxtaposed an archetype high end business, Tiffany’s Jewelry. Website design is now maturing, co-evolving with the Internet. To have luxury, there must also be mediocrity. This dichotomy is exacerbated by the mass appeal of DIY premade websites, alongside its counterpart, professional coders experimenting and developing new web technologies. One company, focused on luxury website design is Splendor Design Group, a full-service marketing agency, located in Red Bank, New Jersey.

1) High-Res Imagery, Branding, Sleek Design for a Premium Vodka
Figenza is a mediterranean vodka, flavored with figs. The wine, beer and liquor industry is hyper competitive. When they approached Adam Taylor, CEO of Splendor Design Group, their website was barebones. A quality web experience is one where the brand takes center stage, not the browser. Through high res photography, story-telling (value of fig flavored vodka), cocktail recipes (to plant the seed in users mind), and responsive, sleek design integrating social media, Figenza has been able to reach more vodka enthusiasts.
2) Function Meets Form: A Library Ironically On the Cutting Edge
Libraries are often labeled antiquated, yet some vehemently defend their existence. Either way, the Old Bridge Public Library needed a warm, inviting website, easy to navigate, and a complicated search database. There is also a mobile app, and admin ability to add news, events, pay late fees (remember you didn’t buy the book!), and even access more digital features. In a world where brick and mortar is often dismissed, Splendor Design Group somehow bridged the gap perfectly with a custom user interface and backend code.
3) Industry Applications Calls to Action Ecommerce Website
ECommerce is exponentially increasing. In high tech, B2B industries, marketing relied on bidding projects, and time-consuming demonstrations. West Shore Industries new logo and website spoke to the bold, clean, strong appeal of their plumbing equipment with two options: buy now after reading all the features and benefits, or call up to discuss further. This approach has led to online purchases, and increased ROI
4) No Stone Left Unturned: Dr, High Revenue Services
What certain keywords and services lack in volume, they make up for in potential revenue. Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery is a great example. Dr. Pereira’s old website didn’t list all of its services, nor support them well as mini landing pages. Sometimes revolutionary design means making it extremely easy for both humans and search engines to understand what a page is about, and strong calls to action. Increasing traffic and conversion rate even slightly is the difference between hundreds of thousands annually in profit.
5) Visual Unique and Color Scheme Matter
Custom coding and themes allow for unique opportunities, such as telling a story through consistency, colors and imagery. Tipping Point is heavily influenced by mountains, purples and relaxing colors. The financial industry demands professionalism in all facets by the end consumer. This website won a silver Communicator and American Web Design award in 2015.

Graphic Design, function, and user experience are the three major components to any high end luxury website. Splendor Design Group’s team of veterans have been obsessed with marketing for over 16 years. Whether creating award winning business websites, public sector database driven sites, or sensitive healthcare information, the New Jersey based team work speaks for itself.

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