$5,600 Mince Pie created by Ben Tish

Ben Tish, the Salt Yard Group of restaurants’ executive chef, has created an excessively decadent fruit mince pie to celebrate Christmas. The pie made with foie gras, truffle essence, white truffle, dried fruits soaked in Rémy Martin cognac, and PX Sherry costs a whopping $5,600. This traditional Christmas treat has been revamped and covered in gold leaf, and served with brandy cream and a double Louis XIII cognac measure. Louis XIII cognac usually retails between $650 and $1,200 per single measure. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, this mince pie was exclusively made for and displayed at the Taste of Christmas event and was raffled to raise money for the charity Better Food Foundation. Personally, I find spending $5,600 on something so fleeting, excessive. However, it is for a good cause.

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