5 million volts of electricity is captured into an unusual artwork

More and more artists are combining non-traditional methods to create one-of-a-kind works of art. These artist with their vision are re-defining the world of art in their own peculiar but very interesting way.

Few days back we informed you about artist Petros Vrellis and his interactive Van Gogh’s Starry Nights animation. Now we have heard of Todd Johnson, an Illinois based artist who has combined science and technology to present breaking innovation in the world of art. With one of mother nature’s offering as his inspiration, Johnson has used lightning as his muse. Although it is not literal he has captured miniature lightning with a method of acrylic art leverages and titled them Lichtenberg Figures.

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As it shows in the video above, Johnson runs his slabs and cylinders of plastic through a particle accelerator and injects them with 5-million volts of electricity resulting in spectacular display of different shapes and designs. The whole process sounds complicated, but the results are simply amazing. The Lichtenberg figures are priced depending on their design and size of the acrylic slab. The specific pricing information for Johnson’s artwork however, is currently not available.

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