6 year old boy wins world’s most expensive mince pie in a raffle

The ‘world’s most expensive’ tag has been associated with food in the past. Just a couple of days bag we spoke of the world’s most expensive cake and today it was the same title. A mince pie bagged it. Yes, you heard it right. The £3,000 (close to US$ 4,700) worth mince pie was won by a 6-year-old boy called Mukund in a raffle at the Marvellous Mince Pie Manufactory at The Exchange shopping center in Ilford, East London. The pie delicacy was created by 25-year-old luxury food designer Andrew Stellitano using vanilla beans and cinnamon from eastern spice markets. It was then decorated with platinum leaf and sugar made from whale excrement.

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The pastry here is bound together with holy water from Lourdes. With such exotic ingredients, eating something like this would definitely be a once-in-lifetime opportunity for one’s taste buds.