7 Exclusive Custom-Made Gifts Ideas with A Personalized Touch

Stuck on choosing a gift for someone with a personalized touch? Well, you are not the only one. Choosing the right gift with a personalized touch can be hard. However, with these gift ideas, choosing just got a little bit easier. No matter who it is you are shopping for, there is something for everyone on this list. We hope that you love the products recommended below!

From names to pictures, to even scents, gifts with a personalized touch seem to mean that much more. They are a perfect way to remember a moment, a trip, or just for that one-of-kind friend. Personalized gifts show that you put time and effort into choosing something special.

Of course, picking this gift is not always an easy task. You can spend hours, days, even weeks, sometimes looking for that great, one-of-a-kind gift. Clicking from website to website or going from store to store gets tiring after a while. At some point, you may even feel like giving up and just buying a gift card. However, once you find that gift that you know they will love, it is amazing.

No matter who it is that you are shopping for, this list has something for everyone. Here to help you find that perfect, personalized gift, and to save you the hassle.

#1 Custom Star Map:
One night, the stars aligned, and it all came together. Maybe it was the day you met, your first kiss, an anniversary, or a birthday. Whatever the occasion, a custom star map of that special day will help make sure you never forget it. With a clean design, this gift can be placed just about anywhere.

This gift is great for someone who may tend to forget that special day. Or someone you know who loves the night sky filled with stars. With a custom star map, you can customize it even further to include more than just the stars. Such as by choosing a quote, location, date, time, and design! A star map is a personalized gift with a message and a moment that is special.

#2 Customized Reel Viewer:
As a child growing up, the reel viewer was an amazing toy. With it, you could go anywhere you wanted. It was almost as you were there, and you could just reach out to touch it. You could see anything you ever wished, whether it still existed or not. By creating your own reel viewer, you can go back in time and to your favorite memories.

Almost as if you were there once again. By creating your own, the reel can include pictures of special moments you never want to forget! Once it has arrived, you pop the reel into the viewer and admire those amazing moments.

#3 Custom Spotify Song Display:
There is now a unique, eye-catching way for you to display that special or favorite song! It could be your rock-out song with your best friend or significant other. Whatever the song means to you and that person, there is now a way to show it off. With this gift, you can customize it as much or little as you like. All you’ll need is some vinyl and/or acrylic, glass sheet, a picture, and something to write with.

You can include song title, artist name, Spotify QR code, date, and anything else to your liking. With a variety of different designs, you won’t be short on inspiration. For that moment in time that had a song, you can now display it.

#4 Homesick Candle:
You can give the gift of a memory with these homesick candles. With over 200 different products, there is sure to be just what you are looking for. From a walk on the beach or a trip to the city, go back with a simple scent. Though you may not be able to physically be there, you can be there mentally. This is a great gift for that homesick person or someone missing a trip they took.

#5 Customized Vans:
For that shoe-loving person you know, customized Vans make a great gift. From the type of shoe to the eyelets, you can make it as personalized as you like. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something. By customizing the shoe, you can even upload your own image to be on the shoe! It could be as simple as a picture of a trip or a personalized art design.

Even if you have no picture to upload, there are patterns and images available for you to choose from. These shoes can cost up to $100 USD but will be well worth it for that personalized touch.

#6 Customizable Stickers:
Give the gift of sticking! With customizable stickers, you can let them stick whatever means most to them, wherever they like. With a sticker of their pet or their face, there will be no mistaking what belongs to them. It could also be a quote that means a lot of them. By being able to place it on what they use often, they can now look at every day.

Or maybe it’s a sticker of their favourite location, so they never feel far from it. Whatever it is they love, you can make sure they can always see it. For everyday stickers, check that they are waterproof and microwave/dishwasher safe. Such as stickers that they may put on a water bottle or dishes.

#7 Custom-Made Pins:
For a gift more long-lasting than stickers, custom-made pins are the way to go. Whether you are giving a personal or a group gift, pins are a unique gift sure to be loved. It can be anything from a sports team they love, to a message, or a special image. The best part is that they can be placed just about anywhere. From a shirt to a backpack, or even a lanyard, you can always represent. You simply customize, share your design, approve it, and you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind pin.

Personalized gifts are the best gifts as you put your thoughts on it. I hope you found some amazing customized gift ideas from the list above. So, when there is an event, you know what to get your loved ones.

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