7 things you can learn from popular Instagram pages

Research and planning are important when it comes to social media success. You can’t just wing it and expect to gain a large, engaged following. That approach rarely works. While it can definitely help to employ an Instagram bot or automated service to help boost your initial numbers, you’ll need a plan to continue engaging your new audience.

It’s important to take time to study what others who are having success are doing in order to get some ideas of your own. It can be hard to know just what to look for, though. Look for these takeaways from popular Instagram pages to help perfect your own marketing strategy for using the popular platform.

1. Profile Aesthetic Matters
The best place to learn what others are doing right and where you might want to take away some tips is to click the profile. See what they’re posting on a regular basis. What types of photos do they use? Who is engaging with them? Which posts seem to get the most likes? Are they buying their Instagram likes from a place like this? https://viralrace.com/buy-instagram-likes.

It’s best to study the profiles of brands or accounts that are in a similar industry to your own. These don’t have to be direct competitors.

You could find profiles to research through relevant hashtags or by doing a keyword search. Getting an overview for a number accounts will give you a feel of what users expect and respond to. It can be a goldmine for generating your own ideas. In addition, you can also see what might not be working so well for others or discover ways to improve upon the competition.

2. You Must Stand Out from the Crowd
When it comes to success on Instagram, creating your own brand identity is important. You want to set a tone that your followers can recognize once they get to know you.

You also want to stand out from the crowd in your own unique way. That’s why it’s crucial to create your own brand differentiation, or what authentically sets you apart from the competition. In order to understand and craft this differentiation, you first have to know what the competition is doing. Studying relevant profiles within your niche can help you to do just that.

Take note of what their photos have in common. Do they regularly use action shots with models engaging in activities? Maybe they showcase their products in unique, creative or quirky ways. Branding experts often advise using the same filter for every photo in order to add cohesive to your brand profile. This is yet another way to create your unique identity. Getting a feel for what others are doing lets you know what is well-received and how you can use these trends in ways that are meaningful to your own brand. Always be authentic when creating brand design.

3. Timing is Everything
Knowing when to post can make a big difference in whether your target demographic sees your content. One way to get an idea of ideal posting times is to study the content of others in your niche. Find accounts with a similar audience and check out when they seem to get the most engagement. Take notes and try posting at similar times and days of the week.

You’ll want to check your own analytics to discover what’s working for you, and it will probably take some trial and error to find your groove. But following the competition is a good way to get started.

4. Type of Content Matters
While Instagram is primarily a photo sharing app, there are all types of content you can post on the platform. You can share videos, polls, Instagram Stories and more. It’s also possible to share content from other accounts. This can be done in very strategic ways such as giving a shoutout to a relevant brand in order to get in front of their followers or sharing the cool stuff your own followers are posting as a way to forge relationships.

You can even encourage user-generated content with a customizable hashtag as a means of encouraging your followers to share testimonials of your products. Try to gauge what others in your industry are doing, what works for them and what might not be the best idea. Then begin experimenting with your own types of content to determine how your followers respond.

5. Relationships Are the Foundation of Social Media
Social media is all about being social. Not only do you want to cultivate a decent-sized following, but you should also strive to engage with your audience if you want them to stick around.

Whether your ultimate social media marketing goal is to sell more product or create brand awareness, you need followers who feel invested in your brand in order to accomplish those goals. Studying what works for others can give you a heads up in creating your own engagement strategy.

6. Influencers Can Boost Your Numbers
Influencers are a big deal on social media, and this is especially true on an image-heavy platform like Instagram. Working with social media influencers can definitely be a boon to your follower numbers. It’s a great way to get new eyes to see your account and to create a buzz around your product.

However, knowing which influencers are well-received within your niche and how to best feature them can be tricky. Learning from the success of others can help save you time and headache.

7. Captions and Hashtags Can Make or Break You
Every social media platform has its unique quirks, and Instagram is no different. Getting a feel for the lay of the land can help you to avoid making missteps that can set you back on your marketing goals and cost you followers.

Nowhere is that more true than with captions and hashtags. Instagram relies on hashtags to help users connect. Your target market will gravitate to you if you use unique hashtags that appeal specifically to their interest. Finding those hashtags is easier when you take a look at what others are using.

Captions are a bit different on Instagram than with other social media sites. Telling a story with your caption and adding fun emojis can increase engagement. Study the posts of your competition to see what types of captions gain the most response. This can point you in the right direction.

These are some of the biggest takeaways you can gain from popular Instagram pages. Doing your homework is definitely worth it when it comes to learning the ropes of Instagram to create your own successful marketing strategy.

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