$800k worth of vintage whiskies stolen from one of Paris’s most well known liquor store

Along with wine, champagne and cognac the French absolutely love whiskey as well. Last year the country consumed a whopping 140 million liters of it each year that is enough to fill up a gazillion ponds! It’s no wonder then, that a full-fledged robbery was planned around the country’s priced possession. On the eve of last Sunday, a bunch of burglars broke into the French Capital’s most revered liquor store – The Maison du Whiskey and looted it off a whole lot of alcohol.

Not an anticipated bunch of drunkards in search of booze, the robbers behind the scene are in fact reported to be masterminds who had planned the entire robbery from scratch. On breaking through the metal shutter and the door of the store, the thieves headed straight to the cabinet where the top-notch whiskies are usually stored in the shop. In all, they managed to get their hands on 69 bottles, which they carefully packed in sports bags before fleeing from the scene.

One of the robbed treasures included a bottle of the 1960 Karuizawa, also known by collectors as “the Squirrel.” One of the finest Japanese single malts, a lone bottle of Karuizawa alone costs up to $100,000. However, as per the authorities at Maison du Whiskey, the loot will be difficult to sell owing to its unique characteristics that will make it easily traceable. Currently the case is under investigation with a group of detectives.


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