9 ways you can live like a millionaire

Who doesn’t dream of being able to live the millionaire lifestyle? To be able to travel, eat and buy absolutely anything we want is the dream of so many. In reality, only a few people get to enjoy this type of existence – but there are ways you can get a taste of a millionaire’s lifestyle by emulating the ways of the super-rich.

Take a look at the suggestions below. They might not transform you into an Onassis, Rockefeller or Abramovich (for that you’ll need to emulate their habits as well as their activities, which you’ll find out how to do in this guide) but they’ll sure give you an idea of what it might be like to be them.

Drive a supercar for a day
Although it might be an ultimate dream to own a special edition Ferrari or two, it’s simply not going to happen for most of us. But we can all enjoy a flavour of getting behind the wheel of a car that’s certainly going to turn heads by hiring one for the day. Most of the major car hire firms have their prestige ranges to choose from or, for a true taste of luxury, why not hire a chauffeur too so you can sit back and enjoy all of the envious glances?

Come aboard a luxury yacht
At harbours everywhere from Antibes to Antigua you’ll find many of the world’s most luxurious yachts at anchor as their absentee millionaire owners continue to pay a fortune just to keep them afloat. Usually it’s only the exceptionally well-heeled who are able to cross the gangplank, but there is another way to get yourself on board. That’s because they all need a crew of willing workers to clean, cook, serve and sail and often getting a job on one is simply a question of asking at the dockside. If your face fits, you’ll soon be invited on board.

Relax in a luxury mansion
There are many habits that are common to most millionaires, and one of them is that they have numerous homes around the world that they shuttle between. But while they’re on their jet setting travels, and especially if they take their staff with them, they often need a temporary housekeeper to take care of the property. There are agencies that specialise in finding staff of this kind, and if you get onto the books of one of them you could be looking forward to some very high class accommodation for at least a few weeks of the year.

Get bumped up into first class
If you’d like to enjoy the novel experience of turning left instead of right when you board a plane, but without the hefty price tag, there are plenty of tips about how to do it. But perhaps the most important of all is to dress the part. If you turn up in your beach shorts and T shirt it’s very unlikely that the airline will agree to you rubbing shoulders with the passengers in first class. So looking smart and being polite are the two essentials. If you’ve also had any less than perfect treatment from the airline this is also a great bargaining tool that can earn you preferential treatment.

Get into some exclusive sports events
The biggest sports events of the year are all essential dates in the social calendar. And while they all have the aura of exclusivity it can be surprisingly easy, and sometimes even free, to attend them. For example, tickets for Royal Ascot can be bought for under £30. If tennis is your sport, there is an annual ballot for Wimbledon tickets, saving you many hours of queueing if yours is one of the lucky names to be picked. If you want to venture further afield then the Monaco Grand Prix can even be free to watch as the cars speed through the streets of the principality.

Fine dining for free
In the notoriously fickle world of restaurants they need to always keep at the top of their game if they are to survive – and that means constant monitoring is essential. The best way for many of them to get honest feedback about how they’re doing is by running mystery diner programmes. Get on one of these and you’ll be given a set amount to spend on a meal in exchange from writing a frank review about the experience. Again, you just need to register with one of the reputable sites out there and wait for the invitations to roll in.

Sponsor a football team
Every self-respecting billionaire really needs to have at least a stake in a high-profile football team, whether it’s Manchester City or Paris St Germain. But while bankrolling the millionaire lifestyles of pampered Premiership players may be beyond the pockets of most you can probably get just as much pleasure by sponsoring a local team or even just being the ball sponsor for a match. You’ll get all the pleasure of seeing your name in the programme and the team will definitely be very grateful for your support.

Treat yourself to a designer watch
Fabulously expensive watches are one way that the super rich can show off their huge wealth – even when they’re lounging by the pool in their swimwear. But like all fashion items, they come in and out of fashion so you could find yourself being able to pick up a pre-owned Omega, Tag Heuer or a Rolex at a surprisingly reasonable price. There are plenty of online sites that specialise in giving these timepieces a second lease of life so this could be the time that you started to wear your wealth on your wrist.

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Be philanthropic
Our final, and probably best, suggestion for how to emulate the rich is to spread the wealth a little. You’re sure to have charities or good causes that are dear to your heart and they’ll be certain to value any support that you give them. You might not be able to make the huge bequests that will mean a building will be named after you but one thing is for sure. Just knowing that you’ve done your best to help is going to make you feel like a million dollars.

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Some of these ideas may appeal more than others, but each one promises to give you a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Plus, while millionaires wouldn’t take much pleasure in doing these activities, to you they’d make your whole year – so who’s the real winner?