A $1,000 leather yoga mat that lets you stretch without slipping

This is the Baller Yoga Football Leather Yoga Mat. It is unique because of three main characteristics. One, it is crafted in the same materials used to make footballs – 100% pebble grain leather. Second, it comes in three sizes, priced from $495 to $1,000. Third, it is made in the USA. Supporting these main reasons are sub-level factors such as the availability of four different colors – red, black, sand, and silver, and the fact that these mats won’t smell as they don’t hold onto odor and are also non-slip friendly. Your asanas will now be a breeze, it seems.

This could be a promotion for football jocks to get inspired and do some yoga – for mental calm and agility perhaps? But otherwise, it looks like another fancy yoga product. Really, it isn’t the facility, but rather the process that is important you know. This would be good for girls like Veronica, who engage in sports because of its colorful merchandise.

[ Via : Trendhunter ]

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