A $4,000 diet pill expands into a balloon in your stomach to take off 20-30 Lbs

If you want to relish those cupcakes and still drop a few pounds fast, well now you can do it all. While the traditional drill for losing weight of regular workouts and controlling the calorie intake takes forever, physicians at a clinic in Mexico claim to help people lose 20-30 pounds in a few months just by swallowing a pill. The pill, called Obalon contains a deflated gastric balloon that is attached to a slender tube.

The weight loss treatment starts with consumption of the pill with a glass of water. Once the capsule reached your stomach, it opens up and releases the balloon which weighs less than 6 grams. After the balloon is inflated, physician releases the tube from the balloon and pulls the tube out, leaving the balloon free-floating in your stomach. The Obalon balloon is designed to assist weight loss by partially filling the stomach and helping to induce a feeling of fullness. Up to 3 balloons can be placed to continue to facilitate weight loss. At the end of this period, the balloons are removed in a short endoscopic procedure. The procedure may not be FDA approved yet but the only side effects reported are cramping or discomfort within the abdominal region for first few days until the body gets used to the balloon.

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The total treatment time is approximately three months and can cost up to $4,000. Even though Obalon has been described as one of the biggest advancements in obesity treatment, you have to either go to Mexico or Europe to get it.

[Via – Harpers-Bazaar]