A $550 supersoaker that shoots champagne

Revelry never has is bounds and why should it? Wouldn’t that make it not-revelry? To truly appreciate the nature of the reveler one has to dig deep into their stupor-ridden circles and discover what turns them into these beings of societal barbarians. Booze and guns wouldn’t miss that list and the Champagne Gun is just what fits this bill.

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For those who climb the bar in the middle of party mirth to spray champagne on a dancing crowd, there couldn’t be a better apparatus at hand. The Champagne Gun comes in a metal frame cast that holds a bottle while ensuring that you maintain the posture of holding a gun. They could distribute this at all those amazing Grand Prix celebrations where things still happen the old-fashioned way.

The Champagne Gun measures 2 feet in length and weighs five pounds sans a bottle. It can set you back $459 but can buy you all the club-rep you could ever imagine.

[ Available at : Champagnegun Via : Geekologie ]

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