A cloud of 100,000 floating white balloons fill up the Convent garden market in London

French artist Charles Petillon has completely modified the look of the 19th century Convent Garden market building by decorating it with 100,000 giant white balloons. Named as Hearbeat this installation by the French artist is stretched for 54 metres in length and 12 metres in width.

It is revealed that the Heartbeat is the latest inclusion in Petillon’s Invasion Series, in which the artist uses white balloons to fill the spaces and Heartbeat is the first live project in the UK based on this unique theme. The work also sees pulses of light being sent to the balloons, symbolizing the beating of the heart. The art looks like fluffy white clouds nestling on the roof of the iconic building.

Launched just ahead of the London Design Festival, the Heartbeat comes with white lights that are designed to give a glimpse of dynamism, history and the energy of the district. The French artist stated that, each balloon in the project has its own dimension and form the part of the fragile and huge crowd floating over the energy of South Hall. He also stated that, the fragility in the art is showcased by the contrasting materials and also by the whiteness of the balloon floating along the roof, while, the pulse of light flashing the balloons makes the area vibrant and alive. This cloud of white balloons will be showcased in the market building until 27th September.

[Via – Designboom]

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