A credit for Planet Earth – This one wont let you buying anything after you hit the annual carbon limit

Cards often come with a credit limit but never have we seen one that restricts your carbon-emissions! In a first of sorts, fintech company Doconomy has recently launched what is calls the ‘DO Black credit card’ – one that helps you track the carbon dioxide emissions of your purchases by placing a cap on the climate impact of your spending.

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Developed in association with Mastercard, the DO Black credit card is an innovative way to help us actively reduce our carbon footprint each day. The exclusive card utilizes a calculation system called the Åland Index that measure the CO2 produced with each transaction, and thereby allows you to spend in direct correlation with the climatic impact of your activities. The card in itself is made from bio-sourced material and is printed with ink made from recycled air pollution particles such as the unburned carbon soot from car exhaust pipes, chimneys and generators.

Commenting on the exclusive innovation, Nathalie Green, Doconomy CEO, said: “We all need to come to terms with the urgency of the situation and rapidly move towards more responsible consumption. With DO Black there are no more excuses. Through our collaboration with the UN Climate Change Secretariat and Mastercard, DO will enable people to do their part to contribute to the carbon reduction goals of 2030 and onwards.” Thanks to the DO, ‘Sustainable’ Spending is now a reality in every manner!


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