A diving school in Bali is offering underwater yoga and meditation classes

Yoga is quickly inspiring many variations and the latest one is rather adventurous and intriguing. Zen Harmony Diving in Bali is hosting underwater yoga classes where participants practice their favorite poses 12 metres under the surface! Divers perform yoga as well as Zentsu, a water-based relaxation method that supposedly brings back feelings of being back in the womb.

“Zentsu is a relaxation method practiced in a swimming pool or the calm waters of a lake or sea,” Staff instructor and general manager Jelena Vukosavljevic told the Daily Mail. “A yoga and ayurveda therapist gently rock you side to side at a frequency similar to the movements in the womb.”
Underwater yoga appears to have many benefits. Not only does it help people to control their breathing, it also increase their lung capacity and enables them to focus on meditation and reduce stress while minimizing the risk of physical injury.
If the thought of underwater meditation has you gasping for breath, you’ll be keen to know that participants are invited to use Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Masks which allow the wearer to breathe through their mouth and nose.

Zen Harmony Diving host underwater yoga at PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts Zen Dive Bali and Zen Resort Bali on the east and north coasts of Bali. Classes consist of about 4 yoga enthusiasts and even beginners can go 12m deep for their relaxing yoga session.

[ Via : Dailymail ]

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