A Monopoly set for the ultra-rich – Costing $1400 this exclusive set is made from red and black lambskin leather

If you love Monopoly as much as we do, check out this brand-new offering coming to you straight from the house of Aspinal of London. Dubbed as the ‘Park Lane’ of Monopoly sets, we are talking about an exclusive version of the playing board that is hand-bound in red and black lambskin leather and is every bit of luxe that your game-board collection requires.

Handmade in England, the Monopoly set comes in an exclusive red and black colorway. The board sits atop a leather box that is lined in black felt and holds pewter playing pieces in a perfect manner. It further consists of houses, hotels and player counters all made from pewter and is also accompanied by paper money, property title deeds, community chest and chance cards and two dice.

The exclusive game board measures H52cm x W52cm x D8.5cm and weighs approximately 7.25kg. Its design is a collectible treasure for game fans-young and old and the entire offering is easily capable of catching a collector’s fancy. The set retails at $1,400.00 and is currently available for sale online on Aspinal of London’s official website as well as on Harrods. Not just a pleasure to play, but the new Monopoly set by Aspinal of London is as much as a pleasure to look at!

[Available at:Harrods]

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