A personal Steampunk bar transformed from a light bulb voltage tester

There is a certain something that designs from the past continue to radiate even today. Some call it charm, some call it old-world beauty. We’ve decided not to tag it with a name and instead continue staring at this marvel of the furniture world we’ve spotted. In essence a former light bulb-testing machine, the contraption has been repurposed and is now turned into a bar! The German machine hails from the 1920s and is nearly a century old. Weighing in at 25lbs, this bar has sufficient space to store your glassware and spirits. The bar also sports shelves for wine bottles and an apparatus to hang your glassware.

Priced at $1995, we think this bar’s perfect for those in love with steampunk design influences or simply those who love the way stuff was designed decades ago.

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As you probably might have noticed already, this light-bulb voltage tester bar has a door compartment that swings open to reveal the bar sitting inside.

An ingenious team from Restoration Hardware brought this light bulb voltage tester back to life and seems to have done a pretty great job with it too!

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[Available at Restoration-Hardware Via Luxury-Insider]