A thief walks into a San Francisco art gallery and casually steals a $20,000 Salvador Dalí Etching

Artefacts created by iconic artists (such as Salvador Dali) have forever been in high demand. And proving so is an unnamed thief who recently stole a $20,000 Salvador Dalí Etching from a renowned art gallery. The suspect casually strolled through San Francisco’s Dennis Rae Fine Art on Sunday and robbed what happens to be one of the artist’s most exotic works.

Titled – “Surrealistic Bullfight: Burning Giraffe,” the etching is created by Dalí between 1966 and 1967. It’s quite important as far as the period of etchings,” Angela Kellett, the gallery’s director, explained in a statement. She further added, “It’s very, very well known. It’s a beautiful piece. It was inspired by Picasso first.”

The CCTV footage showed the man (wearing a blue T-shirt and baseball cap) walking into the gallery as a woman accompanying him stood outside. He then walked past the Dali etching and seamlessly plucked it off its easel before walking out of the store just second thereafter.

Commenting on the incident, the gallery’s co-owner, David Schach said, “It happened quickly,” he further added, “The gallery director was speaking with other customers at the time of the theft.” As of today, the San Francisco Police Department is still investigating the incident and has been unable to locate the thief or as much as identify him. Well, here’s hoping that Dali’s “Surrealistic Bullfight: Burning Giraffe” is restored at the earliest!


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