A 1.5 meter tall Gundam figure for sale at $3,400

Everyone loves cartoons, and many continue watching some well past their childhood and teenage. The Japanese love the Gundam series and show their loyalty to the anime regularly with all the Gundam stuff they come up with. We’ve seen platinum Gundam figures selling at an astounding $250,000 and a giant 11 meter tall Gundam figure in Tokyo. Well, here’s yet another Gundam figure on sale. Standing 1.5 meters tall, this Gundam figure by Bandai weighs 35kgs.

This 1/12 scale version of the RX-78-2 Gundam will pack beam rifle, a beam saber, and a shield. These built to order models will start shipping soon and are available on the Premium Bandai online shop. Japan’s favorite anime, this Gundam figure can be yours for $3,400.

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