A $185,000 check found and returned to the rightful owner

One must be prepared to face the test of honesty at any time in life…..and pass out with flying colors too. Reggie Damone has succeeded in doing so and so he is in news. Sticking to the age-old policy of ‘do good and something good will come back’, Reggie returned a check of $185,000 which he accidentally stumbled upon. Actually, he just wanted to jot down a phone number when he picked up what he thought was litter on a sidewalk in front of Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Norwich. But what he found was an envelope containing a $185,000 check. He believed in his mom who always said that if you take something, you lose three times that amount. Damone, who receives food stamps and works at McDonald’s, took a bus from his Jewett City home to a bank and returned the check to the niece of the landlord, Kathy Lord-Richard, to whom the check was written. She in turn wanted o to reward him with just $50!

Though he was he never was tempted to cash the check himself, he did think about was his own financial struggles for once. “This could pay my rent for … for a long time,” Damone said.