A 1965 Mustang pool table can be parked in your home

For a car enthusiast who spends all his spare time playing pool, here is an offer that is simply irresistible. Mustang Entertainment Inc is all set to debut a 1965 Mustang pool table at next month’s Barret-Jackson Auto Auction. The unique table is made with a solid fiberglass body molded from a 1965 Mustang and comes complete with alloy rims and wheels. The length of the car shell has been shortened to fit the table but both the front and rear ends are the same size as the original ‘Stang. What is more, the table even features working lights, chrome decals and bumpers. Buyers also have the choice of ordering the table in a color of their choice. And it doesn’t end there. The table is actually officially licensed!

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So all you need is a spare $15,000 and you can park this mean set of wheels in your game room.