A $50 million Vincent Van Gogh painting stolen from a Cairo museum recovered at the international airport

It’s not rare for masterpieces to be stolen, but it is rare for them to be recovered! And this time Van Gogh fans can rejoice and be relieved as a stolen painting worth $50 million was recovered at a Cairo airport. The airport security caught two Italian bandits as they were trying to flee the country. The painting in contention was flicked from the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo.

Known as “Poppy Flowers” or the “Vase with Flowers,” the one-foot high and one-foot wide painting depicted yellow and red flowers and was painted by the illustrated artist in 1887, three years before they committed suicide. This is the second time that Van Gogh art has been stolen, it happened the first time in 1974, but the art was recovered a decade later.

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