A Billionaire gives $10 million worth Mercedes Benz cars and overseas holidays as Christmas bonus

What’s your Christmas bonus this season? A ten grand check? A one-touch espresso maker? Gift vouchers from some famous store? Chuck that for a moment and think: What if it could be a Mercedes-Benz B-Class, a luxury sedan, or a fully-paid vacation to Fiji instead? Too good to be true? Not if you are working for Clive Palmer. The Australian mining magnate gave away 50 Mercedes-Benz B-Class and 180s sedans to his most-valued employees as a Christmas bonus. Simultaneously, 750 long time workers were rewarded with a fully paid holiday trip to Fiji. And just in case if that wasn’t enough to garner him a lifetime and beyond loyalty from his workers, Virginia’s St Nickel (that’s his nickname this Christmas) topped it off with a 2 million dollar all you can eat, drink and make the merry party.

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The windfall is part of the $200 million in profit his company earned from a nickel refinery he purchased for about $10 million. But for Clive sharing what he terms as “giving up only 5% of his 2010 windfall–pocket change” was his way of saying his people “a big thank you.”
Generosity, sharing, or just plain good gesture, we don’t know, but Clive Palmer surely makes his way into our list of the next best employer to work. And while on that, we wish that windfall continues.

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