A Campari bottle stylized cocktail shaker is one of the rarest and most desirable

Bond likes his martini shaken, not stirred. How do you like yours? If you like to shake it too, a rare silver and enamel cocktail shaker style Campari bottle that sports an embossed Davide Campari Milano removable cap from Italy dated 1938 is now up for grabs. At the back, this award-winning shaker sees an engraving that reads I.B.A., International Cocktail Competition, ST. VINCENT 12-15 NOV. 1963. The authorities selected it on bartending, the International Bartender’s Association for the grand prize at their International Cocktail Competition in 1963. A perfect gift for an avid collector of the novel stuff, this decorative shaker is priced at $12,000.
Thanks Nicholas

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