A Chinese restaurateur gained $21 million from a widow’s will

My motto is to do good things and good things happen. But if only my luck should shine so bright that someone would leave millions to me for being good to them in life. Did I hear someone say that you shouldn’t expect after doing a good deed? True but then when you come across some news like this then from deep under avarice rises! A legal will of this wealthy widow declared that she has left $21 million for a family that runs a Chinese restaurant. This lady breathed her last in Jan 2004 but Golda Bechal’s 1994’s will said she wanted Kim Sing Man and his wife, Bee Lian, the owners of a Chinese restaurant northeast of London, to inherit her money. However, a twist to the story is that Bechal’s five nephews and nieces asked the court to declare the will invalid, claiming their aunt was suffering from dementia. They asked the judge to give the inheritance to them. Hit the jump to know more about this story………
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But Judge Donald Rattee accepted the restaurateurs’ evidence that Bechal, sad and lonely after the deaths of her husband and son, became like a family member to the couple. They went on foreign holidays together and regularly got together at their restaurant and at her apartment in Mayfair, central London. So the moral of the story is that do good to others and good will happen in return for sure.