A Cognac that’s worth 4 million yen

Asahi Beer, the establishment that holds the rights to distribute French cognac by the name of Remy Martin in Japan has made it public that 30 bottles of Remy Martin’s Premium Champaign Cognac by the name of Louis 13th Black Pearl Magnum will be released in Japan sometime this month. (Pardon the long sentence, but when it comes to exquisite liquor, I just cannot stop jabbering.) 358 bottles of the kind will be released globally and this gives Japan almost 10% of the shares. Besides the blessed drink, you can also brag about the original Baccarat crystal holder that holds the liquid.

A 1,500 ml bottle of Louis 13th Black Pearl Magnum will cost 4 million yen that is equivalent to $38,300 and will be available in select stores.