A cool gimbaled Champaign holder

Driving you back to the time when the kings and royals preferred sipping from golden goblets that they replace with loud clangs on polished wooden tables. These days no one uses goblets to drink anything exquisite since most of the luxury drinks are available in glass bottles, pitchers, etc. So here’s an idea by a famous Dutch yacht maker that adds a bit of glamour to your, erm…, yacht. It is a Champaign holder that has a gimbaled shape and ensures that you do not spill anything over. Being the brainchild of a yacht maker the holder is made to keep your drink of spilling in spite of all the shakes and tosses that you are subjected to while out on the sea. Of course, it has a golden touch and is a perfect add on to your yacht’s interiors as well as any other place that you desire to place it.

The gimbaled Champaign holder was created for a Dutch company by the name of Bottler BV and the design was inspired by Gerolamo Cardano who mastered the art of using gimbals to avoid spillages at sea. It costs €5,000 ($7,927).

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