A diamond-studded ornament featuring Oklahoma for the White House Christmas tree

With Christmas just around the corner, its time to deck up the tree and put up the ornaments and add the special star atop! Then you can add your favorite wreaths, and other pricy decorations, and you’re all good to go! But if you live in the White House, Christmas is a bit about opulence and a bit about patriotism. And to bring in the Christmas cheer is local artist Ronda Roush who put Oklahoma’s name on the White House’s tree. Commissioned to decorate two trees, her ornament is titled as “Oklahoma a National Treasure”. It is a beautiful globe with a gilded, diamond studded state of Oklahoma, that rests inside a Limoges treasure chest, which is placed beside miniature rose rocks.

For the second tree, she has recruited some budding young artists from the Tulsa Girls Art School to decorate a second tree. Post the festivities, and the ornament will be handed over to the national archives.
Roush makes art work from porcelain and is known to have gifted her handiwork to high-profile people like for the Governor’s mansion, vice-presidents, presidents, and also a queen.


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