A gold coffin equipped with a cell phone shows up at Verona Luxury Fair

The Verona Luxury Fair in Italy saw great response from luxury lovers who turned up in hordes to shop for the various luxury items on display. Out of the many luxury items on display, the queerest one that took luxury to another level (or rather another lifetime) was a $381,000 golden coffin that was equipped with a cell phone! A billionaire’s paradise, this fair also featured a variety of other items that would appeal to the taste buds of every luxury lover. For the luxury loving bride the fair displayed a 220,000 Euros ($297,455) diamond-studded, cancan-style wedding gown in pink chinchilla fur while the car enthusiast was wooed with a 1.3 million Euros ($1.7million) limited edition sports car. Eco lovers too could splurge on their very own modes of transport, a luxurious 24-carat gold racer bicycle while the music enthusiast could indulge on the crystal-covered piano.

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Besides these unique items, the fair also featured an armchair decorated in gold, diamonds and rubies and covered with the skin of 20 crocodiles for 200,000 Euros ($270,340), a hand-crafted billiard table covered in golden sheets for 60,000 Euros ($81,100) and a boat running on a Ferrari engine.
An opulent affair, this fair was truly a class apart.

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