A Lamborghini is the centerpiece of this unique KRE House in Tokyo

If you have the money, nothing is impossible. Your every wish and desire will be fulfilled. Take for instance the case of this wealthy car enthusiast in Tokyo. His wish, “I want a 9 car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one of them in the living room.” And taking his wish to be a command was designer Takuya Tsuchida, who designed this unique house, christened the KRE House, to suit his client’s needs. The client, whose collection of cars includes the Lamborghini Countach Anniversary edition, must surely be satisfied with the end result. As you can see from the pictures, the car is on a platform that raises and lowers according to the owners wish. Every time the owner wishes to admire his priceless car or show off when there are guests around, all he needs to do is raise the platform.

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A car as the centerpiece of your living room! Now this is a luxury only a few can afford and the rest of us can only dream of.
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